PAVIS Lab (IIT Foundations) won SERIT Award 2013

PAVIS Lab, Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa won SERIT  Award 2013.

SERIT Award rewards Italian public or private laboratoriess who have distinguished themselves in the field of research and innovation in SERIT. Through this award,  SERIT platform promotes and raises awareness of the capabilities of the Italian research laboratories dealing with different topics dealt with by the Security Platform, with the aim of promoting greater synergies throughout the country, pooling of the Italian system their skills and experience.

PAVIS focuses on activities related to the analysis and understanding of images and patterns. PAVIS staff has a wide expertise on image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, machine learning, and related applications. Actually, the research in PAVIS is devoted to study and to build intelligent systems for real applications, especially related, but not limited, to surveillance & security, biomedical imaging, and bioinformatics.