TA4 – Technologies for Crisis Management & People, Assets and Infrastructures Protection


Crisis Management means organization of a well-timed, efficient and effective response to a very extensive critical event, to mitigate damages to people and assets.
Necessary actions are:

  • To develop technologies and tools for dynamic risk assessment;
  • To assure interoperability between different systems which cooperate in critical event managing;
  • To implement Command & Control Centres for operating management;
  • To share information between cooperating authorities;
  • To assure access to shared data/information in a secure way;
  • To adapt and reconfigure, when needed, operating processes, to optimize the response to the crisis;
  • To provide for operators/First Responders training and equipment.

This Theme is mainly directed to enhance the intervention capacity of operators during a critical event, while assuring their safety.

Crisis Management technologies include:

  • Tools for the integration of sensing technologies and sensing infrastructures;
  • Robotics for Crisis Management and Search & Rescue;
  • Actuator means for emergency response – e. g. specifi cally equipped vehicles;
  • Tools and equipment for specifi c S&R requirements;
  • Simulation & Training for Crisis Management operators.

People, Assets and Infrastructures Protection means the capability to make people safe as much as physical structures and different assets, to reduce their intrinsic vulnerability and enhance their
Protection technologies include:

  • Constant monitoring (gathering and processing of different kind of data/information):

o access control;
o local alarms management;
o fusion/processing of data/information – also related to Surveillance, Detection & Identifi cation areas;

  • Early warning analysis (Forecasting and precursor data analysis);
  • Safety plans development (to assure effective preparedness and prevention);
  • Protection by means of physical barriers (active/passive fences for access control in protected areas).

People, Assets and Infrastructures Protection is strictly connected to Preparedness, which is intended as the action aimed to mitigate the effects of possible risks.
Preparedness action includes the following technologies:

  • Risk analysis, study about vulnerability and interdependences, territorial vulnerability maps;
  • Design for security;
  • Physical net and buildings monitoring (related to Surveillance sensors);
  • Diagnostic models and tools;
  • Modelling and simulation of possible scenarios and solutions, including multi-layer simulation.

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