Research Projects in the field of security with the participation of SERIT members


TA 1 – Surveillance and situation Awareness


SUNNY Smart UNmanned aerial vehicle sensor Network for detection of border crossing and illegal entrY


TA 2 – Communication systems

AFTER A Framework for electrical power systems vulnerabilità identification, defense and restoration
CockpitCI Cybersecurity on SCADA: risk prediction, analysis and reaction tools for Critical Infrastructures
ISITEP Inter System Interoperability  for Tetra TetraPol Networks


WISEC Radio Security: intrinsically new channel



TA 3  – Detection & Identification System

SAMURAI Suspicious and Abnormal behaviour Monitoring Using a netwoRk of cAmeras&  sensors for sItuation awareness enhancement


TA 4 – Crisis management technologies


DESTRIERO A DEcision Support Tool for Reconstruction and recovery and for the IntEroperability of international Relief units in case Of complex crises situations, including CBRN contamination risks
PANDORA Advanced Training Environment for Crisis Scenarios



TA 5 – Information, processing and management


ALARP A railway automatic track warning system based on distributed personal mobile terminals
AMBER Assessing, Measuring and BEnchmarking Resilience
ANIKETOS Secure and Trustworthy Composite Services
CHESS Composition with Guarantees for High integrity Embedded Software Components aSsembly
CONNECT Emergent Connector for Eternal Software Intensive Networked Systems
CONTRAIL Open Computing Infrastructure for Elastic services
CRUTIAL Critical UTility InfrastructurAL Resilience
DEMONS DEcentralized, cooperative, and privacy preserving MONitoring for trustworthiness Safe Port Operations using EGNOS SoL Service
DOTS – LCCI Dependable Off  The Shelf based middleware systems for Large scale  Complex  Critical  Infrastructures
INSPIRE INcreasing Security and Protection through infrastructure REsilience
MASSIF MAnagement of Security information and events in Service InFrastructures
NESSoS Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet Software Services and Systems
SESAMO Security and Safety Modeling



CALYPSO Calypso HF Radar Monitoring System and Response Against Marine Oil Spills in The Malta Channel
CBRNEmap Road mapping study of CBRNE demonstrator
CISIA Integrated knowledge for sustainability and innovation of the “Made in Italy” food
CONffiDENCE Contaminants in food and feed: Inexpensive detection for control of exposure



Design and development of REAlistic food Models with well characterised micro  and macro structure and composition
EDEN End user driven DEmo for cbrNe
ICT- E3 ICT for Excellence Territories
MODES_SNM Modular Detection System for special nuclear material
MONIQA Monitoring and quality assurance of food  Network of excellence
RF- IZP- 2008 -1160478 Development of nanotech devices (biosensors) for detection of allergens in foods of animal and vegetable origin
Innovative Tools for Improving Food Security: Prevention, Control, Correction
SIASIC Submerged pollutant sources in the Sicilian Seas
SICMA Simulation of Crisis Management Activities
SITCEN Development of a prototype for the International Situational Centre on Interaction in Case of Ecoterrorism
TAWARA_RTM TAp WAter RAdioactivity Real Time Monitor
Prodotti innovativi per il monitoraggio e la decontaminazione/detossificazione di  agenti nervini ed esplosivi nell’ambiente e/o per la gestione delle emergenze Innovative products for monitoring and decontamination / detoxification of nerve agents and explosives in the environment and / or to the emergency management


TA 7: Legal & Ethical issues for security

CIPRNet Critical Infrastructure Protection Research Network




SG 1 – Transportation Security

Contratto di Ricerca tra Zeropiù Srl e l’IAC CNR Research contract between Zeropiù Srl and CNR IAC
HYCON2 Highly complex and networked control systems
Multipopulation Models for Vehicular Traffic and Pedestrians Multipopulation Models for Vehicular Traffic and Pedestrians
PRIN 2009 Nonlinear hyperbolic problems for applications
Contratto di ricerca tra IAC Selex Sistemi Integrati Spa (2008 – 2010) Research contract between IAC Selex Sistemi Integrati Spa (2008 – 2010)
GAMMA Global AtM security Management



SG 4 – Cyber Security

SAWSOC Situation Aware Security Operations Center




SG 5 – Security in the Agrifood

FOODNET Study of a new integrated system of computer platform, multi-functional technologies for the transport of fresh food and agricultural products
TRACEBACK Integrated System for a reliable traceability of entire food supply chains





SG 7 – Integrated safety and security of cultural heritage and  built environment

HARMONISE A Holistic Approach to Resilience and Systematic Actions to Make Large Scale Urban Built Infrastructure Secure

SG8 – Smart Cities Security

BESECURE The project Best practice Enhancers for Security in Urban Regions (BESECURE) will work towards a better understanding of urban security through examination of different European urban areas.

Other projects:

ADVISE Advanced Video Surveillance archives search Engine for security applications
AMISS Active and Passive Microwaves for Security and Subsurface imaging
ANVIL Analysis of Civil Security Systems in Europe
APQTA Activities to combat illegal trafficking of waste
ASINFO ystem architectures and Integrated Services for Infomobility
BONAS BOmb factory detection by Networks of Advanced Sensors
CASHMA Context Aware Security by Hierarchical Multilevel Architectures
CHIRON Cyclic  And  Person Centric Health  Management
CONTAIN CONtainer securiTy Advanced Information Networking
CRESCENDO Coordination action on Risks, Evolution of threatS and Context assessment by an Enlarged Network for an r&D rOadmap
CUSTOM Drugs And PreCUrsor Sensing By ComplemenTing Low COst Multiple Techniques
DEFSEC Study on industrial implications in Europe of the blurring of dividing lines between Security and Defence
eDIANA Embedded Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings
EFFISEC Efficient Integrated Security Checkpoints
eHealthMonitor Intelligent Knowledge Platform for Personal Health Monitoring Services
E JRM electronic Justice Relationship Management
ERNCIP EU Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection
ESETF Explosives Security Experts Task Force
EUROCON Study on State Control of Strategic Defence Assets
EU – US Security Strategies EU – US Security Strategies
FACIES Online identification of Failure and Attack on interdependent Critical InfrastructurES
FIDELITY Fast and trustworthy Identity Delivery and check with ePassports leveraging Traveller privacy
FORLAB Forensic laboratory
GEMOM Genetic Message Oriented Secure Middleware
IMPULSO Integrated Multimodal Platform for Urban and Extra Urban Logistic System Optimisation
ISOTREX Integrated system for on line trace explosives detection in solid and vapour state
ISTIMES Integrated System for Transport Infrastructures surveillance and Monitoring by Electromagnetic Sensing
LANDSCAPING Landscaping Identifying the mismatch between requirements and planned capabilities: Air Operations
MEDUSE Marine park Enhanced applications baseD on Use of integrated GNSS Services
MOS24 Motorways of the Sea 24
NDE Network on Detection of Explosive
NECTC Network Enabled Capabilitis Technical Challenges
n.S.HI.E.L.D. New embedded Systems arcHItecturE for multi Layer Dependable solutions PERSEUS Protection of European Seas and borders through the intelligent use of surveillance
p.S.HI.E.L.D. Pilot embedded Systems arcHItecturE for multi Layer Dependable solutions
PROTECTRAIL The Railway Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport
RADEX Raman Stand Off
REFIRE REference implementation of interoperable indoor location & communication systems for FIrst Responders
SAFER Active Safety in Railway Systems
SAFEPORT Safe Port Operations using EGNOS SoL Services
SANDERA The future impact of defence and security on the European Research Area
SeaBILLA Sea Border Surveillance
SecuFood Security of the European Food Supply Chain
SecureMetro Secure Metro
SIMOB Integrated System for the Infomobility
SINTESIS Integrated System for the Security of distributed intelligence
SIRIS Design and development of an experimental platform of mobile information services and tracking for the collection and transport of special waste
SITMar Integrated system for the marine transportation
SITRAM Innovative tram transport system
SLIMPORT Security, Logistics, Intermodal Port
SMART Services for SMEs in collAborative tRansporT research projects
TECOM Trusted Embedded Computing
THEVI2 Threat Vulnerability Path Identification for Critical Infrastructures Compilation of a comprehensive all hazards catalogue for critical infrastructure