Save the date, July 8th, Naples – 3rd Annual Platform SERIT ‘s conference

It will take place on July 8 in Naples the 3rd Annual  Platform SERIT ‘s conference.
In the course of the day will be presented the document of the Platform, a strategic roadmap established with the aim of identifying the prospects of national security in the medium to long term,
relation to the possible scenarios in Europe and worldwide.
The document will serve as both a summary of what has been done so far in the field of Homeland Security in Italy, both programmatic agenda of the steps that still need to travel in relations to the steps that still need to travel in this area, also in anticipation of  Horizon 2020 .
During the debate, a major emphasis will be given to funding opportunities in the field of Security present in the Horizon 2020, with particular attention to the prospects for growth and development that could be open to industry and research in the South Italy.

In the next days will be announced the day’s program and the web page from which to enroll.